By Maria Nilsson

Deus 9ft and Single 2016

We arrived in Canggu a few days before the Deus 9ft and single event started.
From watching the swell and listening to the talk of friends who have surfed in Bali it was looking like there was going to be some solid waves over the next few days to come.

Maria and I paddled out super early Thursday morning to try beat the crowd to catch a few waves and have a little feel of what I had gotten myself in for haha. What a beautiful morning it was with the pastel coloured skies and the warm Bali water, just what the doctor ordered.

These waves through my eyes are powerful and daunting, they are not like the 1ft perfect peelers we surf everyday back home. The build up lasted a few days whilst watching the womp comp on Friday and then the boys in the 9ft and single on Saturday morning absolutely shred. Harrison makes surfing look like nothing you have seen. His footwork and totally controlled turns are out of this world. Jared Mell left everyone with a sore tummy from laughing so hard commentating the surfing.
Sunday came around pretty fast after watching the Deus boys new movie (South to Sian) on Saturday night the movie was soooooo sick!!! One of those breathtaking movies which makes you wanna quit you job and get a sick motorbike and ride and surf and live!

The surf dropped off a bit on Sunday which was epic. I got in my Atmosea wesuit and waxed up my board. I thought I was the only one that was feeling like a little bit of a scared cat paddling out in these 4-6ft waves. But I met the most beautiful little lady Alessia, she and I both were here for the same reason, to have a good time. It was a bit overwhelmed to be honest with all the cameras and people watching you, the two of us just laughed it off. We paddled out with the chicks and even though I think everyone of us had a turn of loosing the board and the long paddle in we all had a really epic time. The strong waves let us feel their love we all stuck together and had a blast.

 After all the anticipation I was due for a well earned nap! I think I slept for 3hrs then was totally ready for the night ahead of talking, dancing and drinking it was all in all an awesome opportunity and massive thanks to all the people who made it happen.

 Yew. Peace. - Maddie Gross

Photo: Giang Alam Wardani @gianggawphoto