By Maria Nilsson


We know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of the surfing society of our time. Pressure to look a certain way or pressure to surf with some kind of style. We created Atmosea because we believe in everyone’s beautiful unqiueness. You are all here welcomed, just as YOU are!

Wearing Atmosea is way more than just a rubber story. It’s about helping each other out, it’s about sharing good and difficult times, it’s about travelling and knowing that you have an Atmosea gurf on the other side of the planet who can show you around the surf breaks and maybe even host you for a few nights. We hope that in this community, you’ll find support, kindness, compassion and of course heaps of fun.


We asked you:

What does community mean to you?


Maisie: "Connection to each other, to the traditional custodians, the environment we play in."


Lidija: "A sense of belonging and support."


Katrina: "Heart to heart connections! A vessel of fun, support and surrender."


Cynthia: "New friendships, sharing and supporting."


Anna: "Paddling out and knowing everyone in the lineup"


Jess: "Connection to something bigger than ourselves, to be seen, not just noticed. It means something unique to us all."


Frederik: "A great sense of togetherness."


Chelsea: "Sharing and caring, real love and friendships! Helping each other out and trust in one another."


Emma: "Friends, family, like minded people."


Selenia: "Belonging."


Jenta: "Everything."


April: "Safety."


Rachel: "More love."


Chia: "It means loyalty and communication. Having each others back."


Lucy: "Supporting each other and feeling a sense of inclusion."


Matthew: "Total strangers with different needs and wants, listening to each other and helping each other."


Claire: "Everything."


Diana: "Support and connection."


Angela: "Community means a chosen family, it can allow you to feel safe to blossom into who you are."


Claire: "Friends and family supporting one another and having good times."


Thank you for choosing ATMOSEA and being a part of our community! Without you we wouldn't be able to do what we do. This is why we want to give back to our community and make you feel as special as you make us feel! We have created the Atmosea Community Subscription for you to receive exclusive designs made to order in limited numbers and custom colours and prints, to celebrate YOU! Each seasonal design is as UNIQUE as you are.