By Maria Nilsson


After devastating flooding hitting our home town and surrounding areas, lots of toxic chemicals have been flowing out of our creeks and rivers, resulting in fish kills and masses of debris washing up on our beaches. We still feel a bit hesitant to paddle out there in our mother ocean. It's been a mental struggle seeing all of the destruction in our community and habitat. We also miss seeing everyone in the water, this is our home and we miss all the chats with our ocean community.

I hope our ocean heals soon. We are dreaming of the healthy, clear water returning to our shores.

URBNsurf is an option of clear water and pumping waves. Our shred queens Jordan Weatley & Georgia Matts are definitely shredding it up and having lots of fun in the wave pool heaven. 

They are currently tagging along with wave riders australia to URBNsurf raising awareness for veteran mental health and creating the stoke and all round good vibes for those involved on the day 🌞✨

Georgia Matts "I’ve certainly done my roller coaster dash with mental health, and to be involved in a group that helps combat this is an honour 🌈 There’s no better way to put a smile on someone’s face than riding perfect waves with awesome people" 

Captured by Kate Walton