By Maria Nilsson


What better way to start off a New Year than sharing with you some of the latest projects we have been working on. 

Ty Williams is a long time friend of Atmosea, and we are stoked to have had the chance to work with him on this fun little artist series tee, which we are sure will look great on you, your sister, your aunty, your brother or even the stranger down the road if you are feeling generous. 

We thought we would take the chance to share with you a little insight into the wonderfully marvellous mind that is Mr Williams, one of the most enigmatic, sarcastic and loveable people we have had the pleasure to know. 

Our greatest shared past time is being in the ocean. What is your favourite element of surfing?

My favourite part about surfing is that its always different/ no two times in the ocean are ever the same. I also love the community aspect it has.
What songs are getting a good thrashing in Ty’s ears at the moment?
I am always listening to a fairly bipolar arrangement of music but lately I have really been enjoying a lots of Neil Young and some early roots reggae (the old trojan record stuff), and I am always listening to Arthur Russell
How do you practice self love?
I think self love is an ongoing effort and one that perhaps needs a bit more practice in my camp. In particular I try to eat healthy (lots of veggies), drink lots of tea and have hot baths regularly, stay active (even if its just walking somewhere rather than driving), surround myself with people I love and laugh profusely, and to try my best to not overthink life and let it happen naturally.
Having spent a significant amount of your life on the road, you would have seen some pretty idyllic set-ups, do you have a favourite wave that you keep going back to? 
I grew up in a place called Maine (near Canada) and there is a wave close to my parents that is a river mouth that seems to hold a special place in my heart, but in travels I have to say I love all the usual suspects like, Mexico, Malibu, The Pass, and Topanga......they are super crowded because they are that good.
Go on, share with us some of your guilty pleasures...
I love playing music loudly, I can eat more mashed potatoes than anyone I know, can fall asleep in a bath (safely), love a tequila soda and lime after a good surf and could spend a week in a used bookstore or Thrift store because I love digging for old things.
So we hear that perhaps the end is near, what are you doing to try and help slow this down? 
I think surfing is an example of being present, and if the end is near I suppose being in the ocean as much as possible would be my choice, I don't stress about too much when I'm in the ocean. it almost makes me feel like I have left everything behind and I got to escape all the bullshit-. And before whatever is about to happen I would like to have some big dinner parties with close friends.
Describe to us the ultimate day…
Waking up somewhere warm seeing a sunrise even if thats just in a big warm bed under lots of blankets, grabbing a morning surf with friends, have a good couple hours making things, drawing/painting, a green smoothie in there somewhere, grabbing another afternoon surf or walk, or some beach time, probably some tacos or soup somewhere afterwards- the night might have a dance party but the details are a little bit hazy already...x
What can we expect to see from Ty in the near future?
I think you can expect to see a few new projects/ I'm making some greeting cards that just became available and working on a book currently that I'm excited about and should be out next year. And I hope to be in the water more and more, and always collaborating with lovely lovely people like Atmosea.
Your life motto?
"I'm FINE"
ty Willams