By Maria Nilsson

The Single Fin Mingle 2024

Let's immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the Dance of the Decade!


Picture this: A weekend bursting with great waves, the vibrancy of mingling souls, fancy dress and the never-ending sound of laughter and joy. Our journey led us to the beautiful shores of Sumner Bay, nestled in the coast of Christchurch, where we eagerly embraced the exhilarating world-class surfing spectacle of The Single Fin Mingle.






The festivities commenced with a touching opening ceremony, a captivating prelude that set the stage for the ensuing weekend. As if in harmony, the film festival unfolded its cinematic treasures, where two masterpieces by the visionary Clementine Bourke dazzled the screen. Our hearts swelled with pride as "Babewatch," a cinematic gem capturing the essence of our High Summer Babewatch range, clinched the coveted title of Best Short Film.




The dawn of Friday involved the commencement of surfing heats. Blessed with waves, we witnessed a spectacle of high level surfing as a handful of the Atmosea crew carved their way into the next round. Graced with abundant hospitality, competitors received complimentary food and beverages each day, which followed by a spirited pub crawl adorned with live music and even more fun!






Saturday dawned with the promise of thrilling competition as the second round of heats began. Sumner turned it on with epic waves and stunning conditions - we even thought we were back in the Bay! As the sun dipped below the horizon, we surrendered to the the Street Party, where we danced beneath the stars, our spirits soaring into the early hours of the morning.





Sunday arrived, a bittersweet denouement to our weekend of fun. With a poignant closing ceremony, we gathered to say thank you - and goodbye, our hearts heavy with the weight of parting. Yet, amidst the tears, we found solace in the heartfelt words of event organiser Ambrose.






To The Single Fin Mingle crew, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for enveloping us in the warmth of Sumner's embrace. We are already looking forward to 2025's mingle!


Surfing photos by photographer Claudia Tivendale.