By Maria Nilsson

Rainbow dreams

Introducing a happy bunch of our Atmosea ambassadors from our home town of Byron Bay. These girls bring the good vibes in and out of the water!

Eleanor, this woman surely belongs in the sea.
Pulling some of the longest sessions in the water known to man kind. Oozing with talent and character (did we mention she's an actor and comedian?), we feel so lucky to have her as part of the Atmosea community.  

Eleanor is wearing the wetsuit Pants on top of the Spring suit.



Clare Duffy is one of those wildly talented humans whose brain works in wonderful ways. She insanely creative, combining her love for dogs and illustration in a super sweet creation called Hound Town. She is also an incredible fashion designer. This bombshell is always up for an adventure. Currently living an artist's life in the bay, Clare spends a significant amount of time surfing the incredible waves with finesse and grace.

Clare is wearing Long Jane and Crop Vest.


Clare sadeso Sullivan is one helluva gal, with a heart so big and a face so shiny you might just do nothing but ooze gratitude to ever be in her company. Clare is a very naughty grommet sometimes, though the wisest and smartest woman in the land, she cooks delightful food, has an inspiring care and knowledge for the environment, and laughs like an overactive drunk owl. Her strength in life is mesmerising, as she faces each challenge with a greater sense of who she is each time. The loveliest witch of the west, with a surf style so spellbinding, and an energy to woo.

Clare is wearing the Jacket over the Long Jane


Queen Ma - Cass Hurrell. An absolute stand out, as a unique and charismatic fire cracker of a woman. Cass is like a catchy song lyric; her eccentric demeanour and creative dialogue will stay with you until the end of time. A real true one-of-a-kind, who strides gracefully through life with a distinctive sense of pride, strength and buoyancy. You won’t come across many in life that are as real, honest and considerate as Cass, there’s no BS and it’s straight to the point with this one. She’s got her own way for everything and you just can’t miss her big yellow aura. 

Cass is wearing our Spring suit Night



 Photos by Peter Pascoe