By Maria Nilsson

Passion - Liv

There are some people you meet along the way who captivate you; leave you with a sense of awe.  Often these folk are those who are happily walking, or perhaps skipping, marching or even surfing through life to the beat of their own drum. Following their dreams and their passions, leading an existence oozing vibrancy and all arrays of colours, scents and sounds. 

We have always thought that Liv is a force, and we are happy she shared a little insight into her wonderful ways with us. 

What does passion mean to you?
Ahhhh well I think when you LOVE something so much, you really appreciate it. Like really appreciate it that you think always about it.

What are you passionate about?
Wildlife, being a good human, photos & filming.

What inspired you to find this passion/how did it become so prevalent in your life? 
Humans that I surround myself with and things that I see. Its cool when you find good humans that have passion about the same things that you love. Hard to find sometimes but when you do find those good humans you always tell them you “love them”.

Do you think identity is connected to passion?
Yeah for sure! Everyone is different but we are all the same in some ways too. But what we are truly passionate about is what we show in how we live,act and perceive ourselves.

What is identity? Is it linked to your history and culture?
I guess how you are and what you do. Yeah to some extent you learn from history and see culture that you surround yourself in. But if you don’t look at it that way I guess we are all different.

How do you define your identity?
That’s hard to say I think, still working on it.

 Film photos by Erin Toole

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