By Maria Nilsson


As a surfer and mama, our little family is always at the beach! As the seasons change and the air and water cool down, we need to keep our little humans warm and stoked, so let us introduce our good friends Lost N the Wild. We've been using their kids wetsuits on our little one for three years already and we can tell you these suits will keep your little ones looking cool, but keeping them warm and cosy on those chillier beach days.


Ready to rock n Roll through winter and spring in the Ziggy full wetsuit or Jacket. 

Flat lock minimal seams that stay comfy all day long.

Standard kids sizing, check our size charts for measurements. The zips and super stretch neoprene mean that each size will go the distance as your little human grows. 

Made with super soft 2mm Yamamoto Neoprene.

What's that you ask?

Derived from limestone (a natural resource) instead of petrochemicals like traditional neoprene.

There are several advantages to using Yamamoto: lighter, warmer, more flexible, it absorbs less water (99.7% impermeable against 70% for a petroleum-based neoprene) and offers a better life span.

Available in sizes 6 months - 7 years