By Maria Nilsson

Introducing Our Fool's Gold Print

Introducing our latest print to Atmosea ~ hand-drawn by Madi Farrelly, a textile designer based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Madi has been surfing with us since 2018, she is a textile-fashion-graphic designer from the Northern Beaches, NSW. We had the pleasure of having her here in Byron as an artist in-house for a month in September 2022. We created some really cool stuff together, like this print. We love her so much and Madi has been designing and surfing with us in the Bay since then. Here are a few Q&A's to get to know her.


When did your love for surfing begin?

I’ve always had a deep connection to the ocean. I was fortunate enough to have grown up close to the beach, and my childhood was filled with countless camping trips along the coastlines of Australia. It was around the age of 15 when I truly caught the stoke for surfing. From that moment in time, I was hooked. Now, at the age of 23, I find myself utterly surf-obsessed. Each day I spend in the water, I discover something new to be grateful for, and my love for surfing continues to evolve. 


What was the original idea of your drawing for this textile design?

This artwork draws its inspiration from Jack River's "Endless Summer" album, seeking to encapsulate the essence of nature in a psychedelic print that still honours the true essence of Atmosea. Our aim was to craft a visual representation that seamlessly merges the aesthetics of topographic lines with the graceful flow of nature itself. The colour palette chosen for this piece is a direct reflection of the concept of an 'endless summer,' with hues that evoke the warmth and radiance of golden honey. Through this print, we endeavour a sense of this never-ending summer feeling, with sunshine and the timeless beauty of nature.


Comfort or style? Thoughts?

Balance. It’s a sweet spot between comfort design and personal style. Ultimately I believe what you’re most comfortable in will enable you to be the most confident version of you. After all, when we’re comfortable in our skin, it’s easier to express our unique style and personalities to the world around us!


How do you take care of the planet?

Taking care of our planet is a responsibility that resonates deeply with me, and I've found a meaningful way to contribute through my passion for surfing and respect for the ocean. As an ocean enthusiast, my connection runs deep and naturally translates into a strong desire to safeguard and protect it. It's not just about personal enjoyment; it's about preserving this vital ecosystem for current and future generations. I’m fortunate enough to work for small businesses that are environmentally focused and driven, and also have that same passion to look after our Mother Nature. 


How long now have you been involved in the surfing industry?

Surfing has been an essential part of my family's story, the surfing industry and continues to flow through me beyond and into my surfing. This profound connection to my family's surfing legacy has undeniably shaped the core of who I am and why surfing holds such a central place in my life. This is why surfing has become such an integral part of my life, is this sense of carrying on the legacy and expressing this history - this essence through my body as an extension of my self through surfing and into the physical environment.


What role did your education and upbringing play in relation to your career?
I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to my studies during both high school and university, and my education significantly influenced me to pursue a full-time career, devoting myself entirely to the fashion industry. However, I soon realised that this lifestyle didn't align with my deep passion for surfing and my coastal-orientated upbringing, prompting me to recognise that life offers more than just academics and work. I believe we are living in an era where we have the opportunity to challenge societal norms and redefine expectations, especially when it comes to creative individuals and their traditional career paths. This has inspired me to follow my creative endeavours and passion for surfing to help define what my career looks like.


What are the next steps to take you where you want to be?

Right now I am exactly where I want to be! I am finding my place in the industry, finding my people, community and connections. I want to expand my creative horizons and dedicate more time to my sewing, drawing and designing skills and dreams.

Currently, surfing holds the top spot in my list of priorities, closely followed by my creative endeavors. Balancing the two might prove to be a bit more challenging than anticipated – spending less time in the water and more time pursuing my artistic passions. But hey, as they say, actions speak louder than words, and I'm ready to take on the challenge with enthusiasm and a good-natured laugh! Haha!


What’s the most recent thing you created?
Hmmm...I've been working on a variety of different projects at the moment. Mainly focusing on the next ranges for Atmosea for 2024, which is so very exciting! All I can say is there will be a LOT of amazing things to come! So stay tuned for that goodness :)
Photos by Brydie Watson, Paula Ortega & Madi Farrelly.