By Maria Nilsson

Breast Cancer awareness month continues for Diva Cory

Hi my name is Maria owner of Atmosea and I am one of Diva’s best friends.
Diva is one of the kindest, most caring women I know. She is a 38 year old mother to 6 year old Candy and a loving partner to Justin and his two boys.
Diva has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has had to start chemotherapy straight away, followed by surgery in the coming months. 
As we all know, this treatment comes with a great cost. Chemotherapy and surgery will be a long physical and emotional battle for not only Diva, but her family.
We have started this fundraiser to assist Diva with day to day living costs, care for her family, medical expenses and other treatment needs. 
If you can please help in any way, big or small, I know that Diva and her family will be forever grateful.
This will allow them to have as much time as they need to focus on Diva's treatment plan and recovery while she fights this horrible disease.
We appreciate your help.
Let’s come together and help Diva fight this 
If you feel called, please also sign up to join the meal train we have created by following the link below
Atmosea will continuing giving 20% of our profit of all the pink items in November will go to Diva and her family.