By Maria Nilsson

Atmosea Party Wave Session in Seignosse, France

It's really great to have friends who share the same love for the ocean.

Wherever I lived on the planet, the surf community has always been an anchor for me as I navigate the unknown waters of life. I am very grateful for the ocean because it is thanks to him that I met some of my best friends.

They live everywhere on the planet, but share the same values ​​of pleasure in skiing, kindness and adventure.

Our encounters are always an explosion of laughter, scandalous dance movements and surfing always very disorganized. 
I just love it.

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Although we try to be discreet, we are often noisy. I think there is just too much joy inside of us and our body can not contain emotion anymore, we have to let it out.

There are "party waves", there are "yewww" and other unidentified noises, all under the colors of the rainbow of our brilliant combinations.

We bring an atmosphere of joy to the line up so contagious that even the most grumpy end up giving us a smile.

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This summer, the French team Atmosea met for a longboard session in Seignosse.

The waves were crazy and we were all very excited by the session.

I had not surfed with this group for a long time and I suddenly developed a kind of FOMO (Fear of missing out) between the desire to talk to my friends at the line up and the excitement to surf.

The same evening, we dined at the talented artist Fillipa Edghill. Satiated with a good vegetable dish, Nikonos queen Alice Vedrine spoiled us with a delicious chocolate cake. Sitting in a circle, the evening quickly took a mystical turn with the tarot cards "The wild unknow", each so looked in his future and one thing is sure there will still be a lot of waves and surfing session.

I am very inspired by this group of surfers because for me they embody the true values ​​of surfing: pleasure and benevolence.

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Smile in the water, encourage a nice word those who start surfing, scream for joy when one of our friends surfs the bomb session ... Of course, there are days when we are frustrated because we arrive not to surf, but if you are surrounded by good people, there will always be one to tell you: "Hey, this one is yours! ".

And no matter if she's surfing in Atmosea or another brand, I hope you've found this group of surfers in which you feel loved, supported, and understood, because it makes your life so much richer!

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Words by Anouck Corolleur