By Maria Nilsson

Atmosea Christmas Party with ELK

Without all of you gurfers this Atmosea wouldn't exist. It is so inspiring to see so many others, who are doing their thing in their 'happy place'. We are very lucky to be in Byron Bay, which has a huge surfing community filled with people who continue to inspire us, both in and out of the water!

I feel like all gurfs in the water are so supportive of each other in the ocean and out. Everyone is always yewing(!) and calling each other on to share some fun Party waves! It’s amazing how the people you meet in the water become a part of your life. I realised from traveling around looking for surf you often meet again after you spend so much time in the ocean, sharing some of the same interests and love for the ocean. 

So thank you guys so much for being a part of Atmosea and supporting a local small business.

Elk - Ethical Local Kitchen

These two amazing mermaids (Eb and Clare) are starting their own amazing catering & food business made with pure love. All local organic produce and plastic free! We want to thank them so much for the generosity and love they put into the Christmas party. The food looked outstanding and tasted even better. Be sure to check these girls out and support locals.