By Maria Nilsson


It’s hot in Australia at the moment, like anxiously hot. The grass is brown, there’s wild brumby horses dying from dehydration, and water is getting pumped out of natural resources that already nourish so many lives along the way and is getting used to thirst the greed of corporate irrigators for monetary purposes. Climate change and its affects are real, and it’s time to learn a little more – instruction one: watch The World’s Water Crisis on a series called Explained on Netflix, and then ~ tap into Mon’s ‘step to this’ playlist to jive out those dehydrated worries and embrace the deliciously salinized water that we do have, and are undoubtedly grateful for in these parched times.

Mon is about to embark on a very altruistic endeavour, with her love pal, Sean. They’re heading off to Nepal to help rebuild the infrastructure of Shree Prabhat Primary School, which had previously been affected by an earthquake. Mon and Sean are volunteering their time and funds towards this cause, so any help towards their page is greatly appreciated. Mon is also a wizard of the words, so reading the products of this experience is something we can all look forward to.

Until then, let us congratulate ourselves on completing yet another rollercoaster of a week and fix ourselves to Mon’s playlist for a Friday afternoon well earnt and learn a little more about Mon.



Considering humans are approximately 70% water, and the moon affects the tides so drastically, do you believe it affects our state of minds?

I think so, for sure. I think the moon is so vital to so many aspects of the natural world and we as humans are one of them. If you think about how farmers use moon cycles to determine which seeds to plant and when to harvest, how the gravitational pull will alter the tide, and how women’s bodies react through menstruation, you’ll realise just how much power the moon holds. And so I think if there are physical affects to the moons presence I believe 100% it can affect our mental state too.

What do you want to say to people just learning to surf?

Always remember that every surfer out there was a learner at some stage too. It’s about having fun, not about who’s doing the coolest tricks or who’s better than who. Everyone has been where you are now so let go of comparisons and have your own fun!  

What is one thing you want to do to make the world a better place?

Just be a genuinely good human in every aspect because I think that’s where it has to start. How do we take action on making this world better if we haven’t gone inward, and made ourselves the best we can be?

What is that one song that reminds you of that one time you….?

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac was the second vinyl I ever bought and the first time I played it my mother and I were laying on my bed singing it to each other. She cried, and then I cried. It was the most beautifully overwhelming moment of two full hearts.

How does the work and essence of Atmosea affect you?

I could write an entire essay on this question but ill narrow it down to this… Feeling accepted into a community of zero judgement. Atmosea welcomed me as a person, an ocean lover and included me no matter what my form or skill level of ocean loving was.

Atmosea is the product of a person who constantly strives to be a good human so that they can make this world a better place.

What does your fantasy holiday look and sound like?

Living out of a bag, hiking for days on end and setting up camp along coastlines and barren landscapes. Listening to the ocean, birds and total silence whilst facing mental challenges.

Tell us your favourite surf memory?

Buying my first long board, waxing up the 9’2 blank canvas and having sore arms before even paddling out. The first ride was the best because it was something totally new and unfamiliar. After figuring out how to actually stand up on it, I rode some perfect little peelers listening to some encouraging yews as the sun was setting. I couldn’t wipe the smile of my face.

Is there anything you’re afraid of right now?

Yep! I’m afraid of fear. The way it holds me back from moving forward or experiencing something different. That’s pretty scary.

What are you making at the moment?

Poems… and food, always food!

What is something you really care about but might not have enough time or information to do anything about it?

FGM (female genital mutilation). It makes me really sad, especially because it still happens today. Totally fucked up.

If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

That’s an incredibly hard question, to be honest, probably something naughty and illegal.

How do you care for our oceans?

Every time I’m on the beach wether it be walking, swimming or surfing, I pick up any rubbish I see. I try to educate everyone around me about waste, single use plastic and how it affects the ocean in hope it will have a ripple affect. Wearing natural zinc/sunscreens and always respect it as a forceful, unpredictable element that we cannot control.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

I guess anytime someone compliments my character. My friend described me as  ‘unapologetically Mon’ and I really liked that.