By Maria Nilsson


Our beautiful friend Mimi hails from Berlin Germany, where she spends here time studying fashion Journalism and rehabilitating squirrels. With a fasciation for sea life and a passion for listening and learning to/from others, Mimi made here way here (byron)  to spend her time meeting interesting people,  creating, exploring and learning to surf. Head to our Spotify account to listen to Mimi's Berlin influenced playlist.


What do you want to say to people just learning to surf?

Be patient with yourself. Laugh about yourself. If you fall, try again. Its ok to be scared, slow in progress, as long as you keep doing it. I am learning to surf right now. Being so scared of sharks I couldn’t get deep in the water for the first months and my inside was having earthquakes. I tried surfing years ago living in France and haven’t much progressed. Normally I would pick up a sport easily, but surfing is different, which made it hard for me. But I like challenges, and if you see it as one, it is a great chance to commit yourself to nature for your entire life.  

What is one thing you want to do to make the world a better place?

Advancing squirrel rescues back home, because a squirrel snuffling your ear can do magic.
Otherwise start with the smallest - by yourself. That's often tedious enough.

How does the work and essence of Atmosea affect you?

The ideas and visions of Atmosea refuse to let society impose what’s “beautiful” and battle sexism in the sports industry. I start looking around myself and what I can see is all these beautiful, soft and strong woman supporting each other. Beauty as a value of the time we live in decides how you see others and yourself.

Being surrounded by compassionate and creative woman makes me love myself and others. I grew up with 5 girls in the house, a strong sisterhood supporting and elevating each other. Atmosea gives me a “Heimatgefühl” (a german expression meaning ´the feeling of home´).

What it means to embrace yourself and be free from society beauty ideals.

What does your fantasy holiday look and sound like?

I pack my companion Henry and Suzy the car. A day out in Otaru, Japan. Snowboarding down the mountains to the ocean where we surf. We bring 2 Chuppa chup lollies and read Breath to each other. One sound tunnel. Let life surprise us from there.

Tell us your favourite surf memory?

In France with my Irish soul Lauren. After just wobbling around like a jellyfish in the foam, I paddled out.  Waves that would have seemed big for a German potato and beginner. She screamed at me “take the big one”. Surely it wasn’t big. But I did. The moment we smiled at each other, I knew no matter how long it takes me to even lie stably on the board, take waves, read waves, I will fly on this board like an elegant ballerina one day.

Is there anything you’re afraid of right now?

We are all donkeys carrying our boxes of fears up the hill. I decided to not suffer but strengthen from them.

Sometimes we can become the slaves of our own fears. Flying and sharks can paralyse me. I found an interview with a woman who survived an airplane crash along with the lengthy 24 h flights from Berlin to Australia have helped me over time. When I’m in the ocean I am always reminding myself to stay focused and that I am safe.

What are you making at the moment?

I currently work for two Byron labels as my industry experience for university. I’ll be going back to Berlin for my final year in March to complete my degree in fashion journalism and media communication.

What is something you really care about but might not have enough time or information to do anything about it?

Sea Leaf Dragon, Blue Dragon, Pacific Barreleye fish and other creatures that enjoy a cruise in the deep blue. Once I am done with my studies I want to absorb as much Marine Biology knowledge as possible.

 How do you care for our oceans?

I lived in big cities where people walk around with blinkers, not seeing that the environment is out-of-heart.

For my final year of university I am hoping to create two magazines that showcase different art forms. Art has the power to help people realise how beautiful and vulnerable the planet is. The vision is to write articles that stir minds into action.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

You have spent 9 months next to another person just listening to each other’s heartbeat. The moment of breath not only gave you both life, the connection of a twin flame is your gift in life. As a twin you will eventually complete each other again.


atmosea atmosea atmosea

Driving to the ocean is a very special activity, that nervous flutter in your stomach is tiny pockets of suspense, popping, with every inch nearer to the ocean you get. Mary told you it was on fire, Suzie said it was small but peeling like a ripe ol’ Cavendish, and Bobby just said “hurry! there’s only five hours left of daylight.” So, you choose a song, to accompany your highly-strung surf exhilaration, biting your nails and tapping those fingers feels like you’re hanging on a cliff waiting to choose the right time to let go. A song to the sea is very important, it will ease your lead foot and remind you of the voyage, and if it’s a surf that you’ll never forget, the music you played before and after will be the stimulant for those memories forever. Incredible, no?

Each Friday we will be introducing our galaxy field of surf stars and their top ten track choices to warrant an excitable journey to the surf, while learning a little bit more about their joyous lives and what makes them tick.