By Maria Nilsson


It’s Friday again, and it’s nearly 10 months until New Year’s Eve? Can you believe it! This weekend is hosting Byron Bay’s Surf Fest, although aunt cyclone Oma has paid the bay a visit and graced our shores with salty tubular cylinders, forceful winds and the cancellation of events we were utmost excited for. Poor little festivalians, with so much work going into something and mother nature just spinning her elements on us, why Ma? Maybe Kate Tarrant can ease our minds a little bit, with some fine tuning musical melodies to ease our soft little full moon comedowns.

Kate Tarrant, now – where to begin? With a capability to stride into a room and add more illuminance to a dimly lit space, without even realising? Magic. Her zest for fun is contagious and her power to enthuse is a force to be reckoned with, if only Kate had a book about positive perspectives, then we’d all need to take a snippet of wisdom out of it. Kate is an exuberant source of passion and knowledge, as her ethereal ability to navigate this tired and complex world, is mesmerising. Kate will sparkle until the end of time, as she won’t take the grunt from nobody, and has the fight in her to prove the things wrong in the world and make our conditioned lil eyes see that we can all be the change we want to see. We really can! Now batten down the hatches and dive into the depth of Kate’s musical journey while we read a lil more about our zippy child.

Describe the pivotal moment you realised that some things just aren’t necessary in support of your development as a person?
No pivotal moment per se, I think as I got older and became more aware of myself the meaningless slipped away and continues to slip away and I imagine it will go on like this for some time. To me self-development is a top priority.

What is your morning routine like?
A nice bit of quiet time, a coffee and a move of the body is my favourite way to start the day.

What comes to mind when daydreaming about how to make the world a better place?
When day dreaming, I picture border-less and ego-less world with playful fun and genuine human connection. Like we’re all children again without stress or societal structures living in utopia. I would live there, we kind of already do. My dream didn’t say how to do that but there are many ways to make the world a better place by just recognising that you are contributing to this world and it’s your choice what you do with your time here, also watching the amount of waste you produce, exercising compassion toward others, volunteering in the community is a rewarding one, self-reflection and there’s many more.

Describe your healthy staple meal to us?
I cook one thing only and that’s roast veggie bowl with all the trimmings, kraut, tahini, avocado yum.

What issues or topics do you want to read more about from the Atmosea team?
Atmo is pretty up to speed with current events and all things surfing. I would love to read more about whats happening in the rest of the world and other surfing communities would be cool. Inspired by a previous question, maybe more articles on ways to make the world a better place locally and globally.

Tell us your favourite surf memory? Or surf fantasy?
I remember being at double island point with the whole family when Max and I were 9 or 10, we were so small that we could fit inside the perfect, transparent waves and that was called getting tubed.

What are your strengths you are most proud of?
Strengths, I hesitated to answer this at first but we are what we believe our selves to be and I believe myself to be compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, passionate, resilient, and creative. Feels good to be proud of your strengths.

What are your pet peeves, like people leaving food scraps in the sink hole after washing up, or maybe it’s seeing people wear odd socks?
Hmmm, noisy eaters? But I like when Jesse does it.

How do you measure personal strength?
Courage; courage to be all that you are and to accept what is.

Are you more an introvert or extrovert, or bane the existence of these attributes and try to channel both, selectively?
I channel both I think, I enjoy my extroverted self in social situations and my introverted self when I’m alone. Is that an ambivert?



Written by Daini Stephenson