By Maria Nilsson


As we welcome these shorter days and cooler nights here in the Southern Hemisphere, there is no better way than doing so with some tunes from our friend Candice.  
It is a time of year that we all affiliate with coming inward a little more, slowing down and taking the time to make some delicious home cooked meals and perhaps get into bed a little earlier to dive into a good book with big fluffy socks on. 
Candice is certainly our go to girl when it comes to health and wellness, and a huge advocate for these gentle evenings we have just started craving.  We are always in awe of her lovely lifestyle balance that encompasses not only exercise and dietary routines, but mental and emotional health too. One the best weekly emails to receive is the 'Pearls of Wisdom' from Candice, speaking about a wide variety of topics all loosely based around self care, both internal and external, and we would HIGHLY recommend signing up to these here:
Commonly referred to as the 'Smiling Assassin', you never leave a training session without feeling burn in your legs or a huge endorphin boost, plus the support from a genuine and grounded woman to ease you through the ups and downs of life. 
This playlist is so fun to listen to, a little different to many of the others from the Atmosea community so far with a huge RnB influence, it is the perfect playlist to listen to on the way to the surf, while you are exercising or having a glass of red in the kitchen with your bestie. 
Enjoy x 

Describe to us your perfect day.

A skinny dip, coffee, physical movement, surf, post surf feast (food has never tasted better), a snuggly movie or a big beach walk, followed by a sunset BBQ picnic on the beach with friends!

An environmental/social issue that sits close to home?

The Australian recycling crisis grinds me. Other than that, socially and personally, I think spiritual bypass is a load of BS. Life is hard, there is magic, and loads of big love, but there is also a hell of a lot of suffering and navigating through hard shit. Too many of us push it away trying to bypass it with “positive thinking” instead of using it as a tool for transformation, connection and softening in to our beautiful messy humanness. Especially with social media and everyone else seemingly living their best lives, it’s hard not to judge yourself. I really appreciate people who can hold that space of realness, it takes courage.

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A dolphin. Sooo cliche!

Your staple healthy meal?

No ashwagandha, medicinal superfood smoothies round here, just good old home cooked comfort food. I love brown rice and chicken soup!

Favourite surf memory?

Surfing at Evans Head a couple of years ago, with a good friend and no other humans in sight… just perfect waves and sunshine, just to us. More recently I had an incredible surf at Wategoes which left a massive grin on my face all day.

Any irrational or weird phobias?

Oh man, snakes. P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D!

How do you practice self love?

Meeting myself exactly where I am at. Giving myself permission to feel my feelings, and allowing lots of time and space in my life for rest! The ocean is a huge part of that. Being in the ocean is by far the most self loving and healing place in my life.

What do you think about when you are alone in the car?

I am such a furrowed brow driver, it’s a real thinking space for me… solving all the troubles of the world!! Unless I have some hip hop on, then I am just bopping around feeling groovy!

When was the last time you laughed so hard you nearly wet your pants (or maybe you even followed through)?

Inappropriately when I was in India in a meditation class, my teacher said “Squeeze your anus muscles and imagine a golden brown light!” Totally immature, but it got me good, could not stop! My teacher wasn’t at all impressed.

Life motto?

How you do anything is how you do everything.

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Words: Molly Oneill