By Maria Nilsson


We love sharing with you some topics of conversation we have had during the week. Today, we would love to know if have heard of the term Greenwashing? And if you have; what are your ways to ensure you aren't getting sucked in?
For those who aren't familiar with the phrase, 'greenwashing' is a marketing strategy that is used to promote the idea that certain businesses, products or events are environmentally conscious, which is often a little misleading. Sometimes these organisations are spending more money and time on the trickery involved and advertising to make you think they are 'green', then time and money on actually implementing strategies to make more eco-conscious business decisions. Don't get me wrong, little steps in the direction of trying to make the world a better place are better than none at all, but sometimes it is beneficial to be aware of the intention behind the claim. We believe in questioning everything; if it doesn't feel right or you just don't understand, it is ok to ask!  And often by asking or making suggestions to these organisations, it will encourage them to focus on making environmentally aware decisions, so by speaking out, it could lead to a win-win for all!
This week we are bringing to you a playlist curated by Agnes Maltesdotter; photographer and surfer based in the not so surf orientated city of Stockholm, Sweden. Living a life inspired by the ocean and adventure, Agnes often takes to the road on the quest to find waves. With a keen thirst for all things fun and fancy-free, it is exciting to hear of her stories surfing in places around the world that are a little more untouched, like the freezing waters of Sweden! This playlist encompasses the feeling of freedom on the road; the excitement of adventure & anticipation of waves. It sure is a banger! We hope you enjoy. 
Describe to us your dream day

The best day I would spent somewhere where I can see far far far away. See the sun rising or setting in the ocean. Where I make breakfast for more than two hours. Where I get to surf before I eat. Where trees are green and a warmer breeze kisses my skin. In a house with friends like family. Playing around, creating, laughing, running, surfing, biking,  whatever really that includes some kind of movement. I love cooking food, so a big dinner all together watching the view. And we can dance to the rhythm of music and the sound of birds. 

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

My super power, being an avatar. Connecting with nature in a deeper way somehow. 

What do you catch yourself thinking about when you are alone in the car?

 Uhhhhm - like everything my mind would love to create - so a lot of new ideas of stuff to do, places to visit, things to catch with my camera, projects and so on and on. 

Would you describe yourself as an introvert, or an extrovert, or somewhere in the middle?

Something in between, I need people but I have to rest sometimes to connect with myself. 

What is an environmental/social issue that hits home for you?

The pine forest

Staple healthy meal?

Greeen SMOOTHIE, porridge, green salad with lots of fruit and nuts. 

Dogs or cats?


What is your favourite surf memory?

 Mmmmm, maybe the first time I surfed in sweden. It was very special, being there.

Have you read any good books lately?

PHOOD PHARMACY (lots of pictures).

Agnes’ life motto?


atmosea atmosea atmosea

Photos by @moamachado

Words: Molly Oneill