Long Jane - Black


Embrace our new improved take on the best-selling Long Jane for the wintery season ahead. The Long Jane suit offers a sleeveless top and full-length legs. Made from Japanese Yamamoto limestone neoprene (see more below), the Long Jane is a versatile suit that provides the perfect amount of warmth and rash protection. It features glued and flatlock stitched external seams for flexibility and comfort. Kneepads for maximum durability and smoothie over the chest and back for maximum wind protection, warmth and flexibility with adjustable leg length.

Simply cut off to fit your length with three different “stitched levels”. The Long Jane can be combined with our Jacket or Crop Vest for colder temperatures.

Our suits are made using Japanese Yamamoto CR (chloroprene rubber), derived from limestone (a natural resource) instead of petrochemicals like traditional neoprene. There are several advantages to using Yamamoto: lighter, warmer, more flexible, it absorbs less water (99.7% impermeable against 70% for a petroleum-based neoprene) and offers a better life span. You will feel the difference when you slip into our suits.