Do Nothing Tee by Molly O'Neil



"I think it is weird that we are all kind of bent on this idea of having to do something. All of the time. I mean it is totally ok – but I also believe that it is OK to acknowledge that it is OK to do nothing, too.
I remember being in high school maths trying to wrap my head around the binary numeral system, and the teacher came out with something along the lines of “everything is either something or nothing; but even if it is nothing, it is still something.” Who knew maths could be so profound. I walked away from that class with a slightly different view of the world.
I feel like it is nice to apply this motto to various elements of life. To remember that there isn’t really any glory in being busy just for the sake of it, that we are allowed to enjoy the feeling of doing nothing. I think it feels nice sometimes to take a step back, zoom out, and acknowledge the small seemingly ‘nothing’ things as ‘something’ – and seeing the big ‘somethings’ as the ‘nothings’ they most likely are.


Story behind the co-lab: It’s all about the empowering force of a print on a tee.
The 'DO NOTHING' Tees work as a great conversation starter.
To Do Nothing is cool? Damn right it is!

We are all guilty of being busy. Busy working, busy doing the chores, busy this, busy that, the glorification of a busy lifestyle.

This is something that we have recognised in ourselves and need to remember that it is actually important to do nothing. We believe it is actually more important to do nothing than to be busy.

So this is the concept we have given to 8 local artists to portray this message what ever way they have dreamt up to be printed onto tees; with the idea to start a conversation with the wider world and remind each other of the importance of taking time out to literally do nothing.

We love the idea of using clothes as a way to spread a message, art and activism meet.


  • unisex fit
  • round neck
  • 100% cotton
  • printed at home in my bedroom, so every shirt is different
  • one size
  • total length 69cm from shoulder to hem