Friday's are our favourite day of the week not just because it is Saturday tomorrow, but because we get to listen to the favourite tunes from one of the girls. 
This week we bring a playlist made of pure sunshine. Madi is one of our friends who lives and breathes the ethos of Atmosea, and we are so pleased to have her on board. This playlist is the feeling of falling asleep with gentle rain on a tin roof, it is the feeling of the warm sun on your back when you are paddling out to catch some waves with your friends, it is the feeling of a long hug with one of your favourite people, some of the best feelings in the world if you ask us. We hope you love it as much as we do.
Describe to us your ultimate dream day...
My dream day is a warm and sunny summers day surfing in a swimsuit with friends! Surf all morning and eat lunch on the beach and then surf into the afternoon...this day is also filled with plenty of mangos and other fruit.
What is the biggest social/environmental issue that sits close to your heart?
Fast fashion! Particularly cheap swimwear….as a swimsuit fanatic I love good quality, long lasting swimsuits. I also love supporting small businesses and creators as I hope to be doing the same thing in the future. 
How do you define success?
How big your smile is!! And if you’re really having fun and enjoying yourself. Surfing to me is not about being the best but having the most fun.
What are some of your daily or weekly rituals?
My essential daily ritual is being in the ocean, whether it’s surfing everyday or at least having a swim. Another weekly ritual is having a “carpark coffee” where we all get together after a surf and hangout sharing hot drinks. 
Who was your greatest role model when you were growing up?
Always my mum and grandfather! Other than them I was always really inspired by Leah Dawson and her surfing! 
If you could be one animal, what would it be?
A dolphin….or mermaid (is that an animal haha)
What are your strengths you are most proud of?
At the moment I am proud of my ability to let go of things! I am a bit sensitive and am learning to not take things too personally and toughen up!
Favourite surf memory?
I remember my first time surfing at my local break (Mona vale) with my mum who had always surfed there, and being so scared of surfing in the ripbowl. This was when I was still learning how to ride a fibreglass 9’7” longboard! Mum and I paddled over the top of a massive stingray and I was so scared and startled....however we still laugh about this to this day! 
Have you read any good books lately?
I am reading Josh Hedge’s book “Seeds for Truth” recommended to me by my boyfriend Ethan who lives by it! 
What is Madi’s life motto? 
No matter how you feel, especially when things are tough….go for a surf and you will feel completely different...and hopefully much better!!
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